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Loomsday Development

We offer a broad range of experience among programming languages, such as C, Assembler, AWK/SED, Unix Shell, and MSDOS batch programming. We are, however, particularly focussed on the Perl programming language.

Perl, among other high-level scripting languages like Python and Ruby, allows for true rapid software development. Perl's range of suitability starts at developing small tools and utilities, and ends in large projects with tens of thousands of lines of code.

What makes Perl so special for rapid development, you may ask?
  • For starters, the incredible amount of reusable Perl packages on CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. There are thousands of problem solutions available on CPAN. Using existing high quality code saves time and money, both in development and testing. Why reinvent the wheel when you can download wheels of all sizes at no cost?
  • Secondly, Perl code can be written very concisely without compromising readability. Again, each line saved is time saved.
  • Finally, Perl allows handling the most complex data structures in a highly dense way, which means that code changes affecting data structures usually require only the modification of a few lines of code.
We have forged our own Best::Of::Perl framework in order to provide you with a reliable and affordable web development platform.

NEW: We now also provide desktop-like user interfaces for our web applications. For details, please read the article On Cappuccino & Objective-J here on the Loomsday website.

Commercial software development aspects

The commercial side of software development follows a very simple equation:
Time = Money
Every line saved typing speeds up the development process. The less code, the less time required. The less time, the smaller the price tag. It is that simple.

On these pages we present you with a selection of our experience in software development.

If you have questions regarding the presented software or the Best::Of::Perl framework, then please use the contact form to get in touch with us.