iVitality Feature List

  • Location
    Running on our monitor server (located in a data centre in Auckland), iVitality monitors up to 5 URLs on your website around the clock in time intervals defined by you.

  • URL Monitor
    iVitality fetches the URLs to be monitored from your web server and measures the time it takes until this operation has finished. It then compares the timings with the thresholds you specified for triggering a warning or an alert. URLs to be monitored can be HTTP links or any kind of server-side scripts, like CGI or ASP scripts.

  • Notification
    In case of a warning has been raised, iVitality will send an email notification message to you. If the event is more severe it raises an alert, which triggers an email notification plus an additional TXT message that will be sent to your mobile phone.

  • Escalation
    Alerts can be escalated to a different person if they are still active or unacknowledged after a certain amount of time.

  • Backend Heath Check
    You can use iVitality to monitor the health of your entire web system's processing chain if you use a complex URL that generates internal database queries, e.g. trigger an online search on your site. If even one part of your request processing chain slows down or fails, you will be notified instantly.

  • Database Log
    The URL fetch timings are being logged in a database for report generation.

  • Graphical Report
    The graphical history of the URL timings is accessible on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

  • Nightly Digest
    A nightly email digest is being sent to you every day, with the graphical report of the current day being attached to it.

  • Utilities
    iVitality can be configured to run additional helper programs in case of an event, such as pinging your nameserver/gateway or running a traceroute against your web server. The retrieved information is then being attached to the event notification email/SMS.