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Virtual Server Hosting

Servers, especially Linux and Unix servers, are truly a great thing - if you are an expert in the field of systems administration.

Most medium and enterprise-class companies are employing highly specialised Systems Administrators, but what about the majority of the small and home-office firms? Hiring someone to just tweak the system here and there every now and then is overkill, practically.

Even hosting your own rack-mounted server in a proper data centre is often way out of proportion if you compare the cost of operation and ownership with the actual demand on "computer fire power" required to provide a particular service.

Server virtualisation is the way out this misery. It allows for dividing a physical server into several isolated "virtual servers", each of which having its own network address, operating system, disk space and services running.

Since almost all services running on 24/7 servers are idle > 95% of the time, server virtualisation is a cost-effective way of consolidating services on expensive server hardware.

Loomsday are offering virtual servers on a high-availability basis, i.e. we are running our virtual servers on "clusters". Each cluster consists of two identical servers ("nodes"), which are cross-wired to automatically mirror the content of all virtual servers living on one server to the other server, and vice versa. This construction principle allows for automatic virtual server fail-over to the standby node in case of a malfunction of the primary node. Thus, it drastically increases the chances of surviving an otherwise fatal crash of a stand-alone server.

There are two types of virtual server technologies available at Loomsday:
  • Linux VServer based virtual servers to run software and services developed for the Linux/Unix platform.
  • VMware Server based virtual servers to run any kind of operating system supported by VMWare (Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, etc.)
For technical details regarding our virtual servers see the Linux VServer Hosting and VMware Server Hosting sections on the Systems & Servers page.

Please use the contact form for your questions and enquiries around Loomsday virtual server hosting.