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iVitality Website Monitoring

If you are running a commercial website, then you should be wary of the negative effects of a web server failure. Too often websites go down and the owners do not know - our service is designed to monitor it so that if there is a problem you will know straight away.

To gain maximum confidentiality in the health of your website system, its availability, status and performance should be constantly monitored by an external monitoring server.

Even if you already use an in-house monitoring system, it will give you no indication about connectivity quality or how quickly site content can be downloaded by users in the outside world. Hence, website performance should be measured around the clock to provide you with the necessary information to detect system bottlenecks in order to avoid user frustration.

The above services, plus more, are what iVitality provides. For technical details see the iVitality feature list, which is available here.

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