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Special Mail Services

Mail::TXT Notification

Mail::TXT Notification provides you with one or more email addresses in the email domain (e.g. ""), which will automatically generate a SMS notification on each incoming email, containing the sender email address and the first 140 characters of the email body.

This is the right service for you if you wish to...

  • Receive SMS notifications, but you do not want to expose your mobile number
  • Set up high priority or escalation email accounts for instant heads-up messages.
  • Establish a coupling between a monitoring system that is incapable of sending SMS notifications and your on-call staff.

Mail::FILE Transmission

Mail::FILE Transmission provides you with an email account on our Loomsday mail server, which allows to classify incoming email attachments by name, and then detach them from the email as separate files. These files are then being transferred via FTP/SFTP/SCP onto a file server in your company.

This is a great service if you have to deal with a lot of transitions between manual (e.g. fax) and electronic (e.g. data entry) document handling or different file format requirements.


Consider the case of a customer of yours who is periodically sending you faxes containing tabular data, some lists, for example. Someone in your company, in turn, then has to manually enter the transmitted information into a data entry mask of an in-house application.
Would it not be very nice if you could automate this information flow to save hours and hours of manual labour?
With Mail::FILE you can tell your customer to put their information into a file (Word, Excel, CSV, etc), attach this file to an email, and send this email to our Loomsday mail server. There we separate the file(s) from the email, classify them accordingly to your settings and transfer the files to the preferred file server in your company. Of course, Mail::FILE software will also notify both the sender and your staff about the processing status via email.

Consider furthermore using a scheduled service on your server that periodically checks for new customer data files to then automatically process them, and you get the big picture.

Let us know via contact form if you need further enhancements or an even higher level of automation - the possibilities in streamlining document flows are vast.