Software Development

BOP Framework

The BOP framework (short for "Best-of-Perl") is a rapid development toolkit for web-based applications.

If you would like to see an example, then, well..., you are looking at one right now. The Loomsday website has been built with BOP.

The BOP framework keeps a web project cleanly structured. Programming code is separated from HTML content by using the Template::Toolkit module. Database content is abstracted away by using DBIx::Class. The entire structure is clean, relatively easy to understand, and - most importantly - uncomplicated to maintain and extend.

The framework is database agnostic. It does not matter if your data reside in, say, a local SQLite file or in a remote PostgreSQL installation.

This framework is ideal for firms that need more than just a few dynamically generated web pages, but shy away from the complexity and cost of a full blown web development project.

By utilising the BOP framework, we are able to provide you with a working web application prototype within days.