Software Development

Qt Framework

Our main development work horse these days (2019-2021) is the Qt Framework.

We use it mostly to produce Android and iOS apps, such as the Specialist Shopping and Vendor Admin apps.

Both of which nicely integrate into a remote PostgreSQL database.

Qt's greatest advantage for mobile app development is that it allows for an (almost) unified codebase.

Take the above Specialist Shopping app, for example. Less than 3% of its entire codebase had to be written in Objective-C/C++ in order to accommodate iOS-specific requirements. And only about 5% of the codebase needed coding in Java/JNI in order to integrate into Android. The main body is all pure Qt/C++.

In other words, instead of practically writing the same app functionality TWICE, once for Android and then again for iOS, 92% of the app's code is running happily on both platforms. Future modifications, extensions, and maintenance are no longer a headache (for both mind and budget).

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Perl Programming

Yes, we are still developing in the Perl programming language.

Why give up a perfectly working, proven, and powerful tool like Perl?

Just because the new kids on the block are playing with Python these days?
(A language which, admittedly, used to be syntactically very good looking.)

From experience we know that Perl's greatest advantages are its stability and maintainability throughout the times.
Perl code developed 25 years ago is still running flawlessly on the latest Perl5 installations.

That's why we continue to build extremely reliable software with Perl. And, thanks to the enormous & freely available CPAN module codebase, we are able to develop quickly and thus cost-effectively.

We are also happily offering to take care of your Perl codebase.


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