software development

The Best::Of::Perl Framework

The Best::Of::Perl framework is a rapid software development toolkit for developing web-based applications, such as web sites like this one.

The BOP framework allows for keeping web projects' components well structured (Perl code separated from the HTML layout, database content separated from the Perl code), easy to understand and just as easy to maintain.

The framework can also be used to run standalone daemon processes in parallel to web server processes. An example would be a two-way-messaging control daemon that is continuously polling a GSM modem, while at the same time providing core web server functionality. In this - real world - scenario, BOP is running multiple pre-forked web server processes for web-based management frontend access, and one process to control the GSM modem. All processes can access the same databases, which makes high-level integration a snap.

This framework is ideal for firms that need more than just a few dynamically generated web pages, but shy away from the complexity and cost of a full blown web development project.

With Best::Of::Perl, we are able to provide you with a working prototype within days, and unlike with most other projects, where the prototype actually needs to be rewritten once the project reaches maturity, you can simply watch BOP evolve into the final solution for you - without spending any time in expensive loops in the development cycle.

If you think Best::Of::Perl could be useful to you, then please use the contact form to get in touch with us.