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2-Way-SMS Messaging

For Workgroup Resources NZ, an Auckland-based firm who help other companies in getting more organised (see the C5 philosophy on their website), we have developed a 2-way-SMS messaging solution, and integrated it into Workgroup's online software service.

How it works

Workgroup are deploying a ticket-based coordination service (among others) for allowing to stay in close contact with "road cowboys", like catering and transportation company employees.

The coordinator in such a company can access Workgroup's online service software to send SMS messages to their staff. When the recipients respond to the message via cell phone, the appropriate record in Workgroup's ticketing system is being updated with the data from the returning SMS, thus allowing for a variety of consecutive actions based upon how the particular work group is organised.

Deployment examples
  • Current driver location enquiry.
  • Pick-up order dispatching.
  • Work group coordination with member acknowledgement.
  • Concurrent job dispatching (first come, first serve).
Of course, all inbound and outbound SMS messages are being stored in a ticket history to keep the message process cycle transparent and reportable.