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Open Source Mail Servers

Everybody is using email, right? Alas, most of us are also grinding their teeth because of spam email.

Contrary to private email use, where spam is merely an annoyance, when it comes to business life, spam becomes a cost factor. Not only it steals the time companies staff have to invest to keep their PC free of spam, it also increases the likelihood of losing important messages in the "spam noise".

Even worse, spam often contains malware, like viruses and trojans (used to trick people into revealing passwords and other private information), and if a company is being affected by such an infection, then things are getting really expensive. Once a PC has been compromised by malware, the only real safe option to restore trustworthy PC functionality is to reinstall its operating system and all of the user's applications and settings. Since this process can take up to half a day per PC, it can take several weeks to win the "spam battle" if an entire computer network is affected. To make things even more frustrating, there is furthermore always the loss of productive time of both the user and systems administrator on top of the bill, as well.

So, instead of fighting spam on each PC, it is much better to do this on the mail server itself, before spam does any harm and gets a chance to waste your time.

If you use our mail servers, then you will enjoy more productive staff, and effortlessly, low-cost email administration.

Here is how our mail servers work:
  • Incoming email on the mail server is handed over to a SPAM and virus checking software.
  • This "mail washer" removes all potentially dangerous attachments, and it inserts a "[SPAM]" prefix into the subject line of all emails that have been classified as potential SPAM.
  • The email is then been stored in the user's personal mailbox on the mail server.
  • Filter rules are then applied to the email on the mail server to automatically pre-sort "[SPAM]" flagged email into a separate SPAM folder, i.e. no matter how much SPAM is hitting the mail account, the user's inbox will always be clean. Since there are no emails being deleted in the pre-sorting process, no messages will be lost due to SPAM checking.
  • Additionally, you may set more rules up to pre-sort incoming emails into folders on the server based upon the sender address, subject text patterns, etc.
  • It is also possible to archive all incoming and outgoing emails by copying all emails into so-called "public folders", which can then be accessed read-only to keep track of the email communications.
The mail domains, accounts, aliases, passwords, out-of-the-office notification, and public folders can be easily managed by using our web-based Tequila mail server administration front-end.

There are also some mail specialities available, such as our Mail::FILE Transmission and Mail::TXT Notification. Have a look at the Systems & Servers section to learn more about these services. Our mail servers can be used in three different ways:
  • Installed on your Unix/Linux servers.
  • Hosted on a Loomsday virtual server.
  • By using our Loomsday mail server to host your mail domain.
Please use the contact form to ask us about details.