systems & servers

Loomsday Networks

Do you need help in the field of network configuration, analysis & and security?

Perhaps you wish to implement periodic bidirectional data exchange between Unix and Windows machines, and no one in your company has any experience on how to tackle this task?

Listed below are some examples of our network expertise:
  • System and web service monitoring.
  • Security solutions based on the Shorewall firewall.
  • Real-time SSH login notification.
  • Real-time SSH dynamic IP port blocking.
  • Secure, encrypted service connectivity via SSH port tunneling.
  • Scheduled automatic data transfer between machines via FTP/SCP/RSYNC.
  • The use of DRBD in order to transparently mirror a file system to a remote server in real-time to build fail-safe clusters and backup solutions.
  • Data exchange between Unix/Linux systems via NFS, and between Unix and Windows servers via Samba.
  • Using Memcached to allow for memory objects that scale well on server farms.
  • Deploying MRTG to monitor router and server network traffic, and to provide bandwidth graphs, as well as traffic trends and statistics.
  • Using the Nokia Raccoon gateway to turn cellphones, and mobile computers, into web servers.
  • 2-way-messaging via SMS, including application integration.
What ever is on your wish list, you should get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.